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Test Ride a Mountain Gaited Horse

Riding gaited horses is becoming more popular in the United States, for many reasons.  One is that gaited horses are perfect for trail riding because they cover the miles with less stress on the rider.  And because of their calm and willing temperaments, they are easier to learn to ride, and perfect for people who only ride once a week or once a month.

For riders who enjoy a little competition, gaited show horses open up a whole new world of teamwork and excitement!

There are many breeds of gaited horses, but we specialize in Mountain Gaited Horses (Rocky Mountain Gaited Horses, Kentucky Mountain Gaited Horses, Spotted Mountain Gaited Horses, and Mountain Pleasure Gaited Horses).  These horses are known for their beauty, intelligence, calmness, versatility – and of course, for their smooth, four-beat gait.

Paradise Stables offers the rare opportunity to “test ride” these exceptional horses.  So if you’re looking to buy a gaited horse, look at our Mountain Gaited Horses!